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If you're a pet sitter, dog walker, daycare, or boarding facility looking for a more user-friendly, reliable, feature rich client management system, check out PawLoyalty. A progressive and customer-service oriented company in San Francisco, PawLoyalty offers dog businesses an easy solution to appointment scheduling, and staff and client management.

Features include on-line calendar and booking options, system-generated emails, and even makreting tools such as social media and e-newsletter integration. And this barely scratched the surface of what this system does.

"We're Incredibly Impressed." - Veronica Boutelle, dog*tec

Simple Scheduling

A single screen that gives you a snapshot of your schedule ensures that your lobby isn’t crowded during busy times.

  • Daily Customer Count by Service
  • 2 second Check-in & Out
  • Customer Preference Reminders at check-in
  • At-a-glance room assignments
  • Mac friendly kennel software

Customer Pet Health Records

A single place where you and your customers can store, access and share all their important information. Kennel software that helps you engage customers when they aren’t at your facility.

  • Customer photos & preferences
  • Allergies, Medication and Feeding Instructions
  • Remaining package days
  • Proof of vaccination
  • Appointment & spending history
  • Vet & Emergency Contact Info

Customers Can Book Online

Customer service is what makes your business shine.Customers love the freedom to book online using kennel software. PawLoyalty integrates directly into your website with little effort.

  • Reservation requests
  • Online booking directly thru your website
  • Saves time for front-desk staff
  • Automated emails (confirmations + reminders)

Revenue & Operational Reporting

Reporting provides a better understanding of your customers spending habits and provides a snapshot of finances. Kennel software can take that even further by giving you real-time reports on feeding + medication reports. Leverage the 30+ reports offered by PawLoyalty Kennel software to simplify your operations.

  • Daily Revenue
  • Feeding + Medication + Bath reports
  • Quick Import into QuickBooks
  • Tracks packages and spending history

Automated Marketing

By keeping your customers engaged and informed you improve your customer experience and reduce administrative tasks. Kennel software allows you to spend more time on the business and less on administrative tasks.

  • Automated confirmations + reminders
  • Targeted email specials + newsletters
  • Track customer referrals
  • Automated social sharing


If you have a question or new feature recommendation, we have humans to talk to. The support provided with PawLoyalty kennel software is personal and with an expert of both the industry and software.

  • Phone + Email support
  • 1:1 Training Sessions
  • Online Training Videos
  • Custom set-up & customizations