Customer Records

A single place where you & your customers can store, access & share all their important info. PawLoyalty pet records software allows you to store the following vital pet information.

  • Customer Photos & Preferences
  • Remaining Package Days
  • Proof of Vaccinations
  • Appointment & Spending History
  • Veterinarian & Emergency Contact Info
  • Allergies, Medications, Dietary Preferences
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Complete Customer Pet Health Records

Better customer service starts with convenience. Giving your customers their own records allows you to stay in control, but also gives customers the freedom to book online at their convenience. Online pet records software allows your customers to quickly update pet information from the comfort of their own home.

  • Photos for each Customer
  • Proof of Vaccination Records
  • Dietary, Behavioral & Medical Info
  • Balance on Credit Packages & Punch Cards
  • Alerts for Customer Preference
  • Service & Payment History

Customer Preferences

Knowing someone and their preferences makes customers feel important and makes you look good.

  • Preference alerts upon check-in
  • Recurring Notes or 1-Time Notes
  • Customized Photos for Each Client

Verified Proof of Vaccinations

Customers telling you they have vaccinations and seeing proof are two different things. Let us make it simple for you.

  • Physical Vaccinations Attached to Pet Health Records
  • Automated Alerts for Expired Vaccinations
  • Customers can Upload or Order thru PawLoyalty Pet Records Software

Behavioral, Medical, Dietary History

Keeping things on a schedule reduces mistakes and improves quality of service. We simplify daily operations for you.

  • Feeding & Medication Reports
  • Historical Record of Customer Health History
  • Two Way Communication with Customers